Department Chair: Dan Sheehan
Department Secretary: Barbara Bliss
Room: W-225
Phone: (201) 447-7143

Our Mission

The performing arts department at Bergen Community College offers a wide range of performance, technical, and general education courses from beginning to advanced level. The new performing arts curriculum emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach encouraging collaboration among music, theatre arts, dance, fine arts, broadcasting and cinema studies. The professors, directors, choreographers, musicians, designers, distinguished guest artists, and technical staff at Bergen are experienced working professionals in their fields. The performing arts department at Bergen offers a rich and varied environment for artistic challenge and growth. Whether you choose to continue your studies after Bergen or go directly into the entertainment field, your experience at Bergen will give you the valuable foundation you need for a life in the performing arts.

Bergen’s department of performing arts offers a variety of programs of studying Dance, Music, and Theater, each suited to students with specific educational goals. The A.A. and A.F.A. degrees prepare the student for transfer to a four-year degree while our A.A.S. degrees offer two years of training for a career in the performing arts. One-year certificate programs for professional development and self-enrichment are also available.

Career Paths

The Associate of Arts degree (A.A.)- Dance option is designed to provide students with the coursework needed to transfer to a four-year institution and pursue a bachelor’s degree in dance. The curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a pathway to careers in dance. Students can take coursework and concentrated options in dance. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with Bergen Community College faculty and Career Services as they begin to explore career options. Students can also utilize Career Coach, a resource provided by Bergen, to explore degree programs and corresponding careers

Transfer Opportunities

Students pursuing the Associate of Arts degree (A.A.)- Dance option can transfer into majors, such as dance. Students are encouraged to work closely with Bergen Community College faculty and Advising Transfer Services. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution in NJ can explore the “Transfer Programs” feature on NJ Transfer