A curriculum based on the idea of educating students in disciplines including science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

  • Aviation Science

    Aviation Science

    Prepare for advanced content in or employment in aviation administration
  • Biology


    Study the basic facts and theories in biology in order to pursue a career in science or allied health
  • Chemistry


    Chemistry include teaching, research, environmental science and scientific writing as well as positions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Computer Science

    Computer Science

    Train in information technology, computer programming, database programming, network administration, web development, gaming, and overall computer science protocol.
  • Engineering


    Prepare for a career in specialized fields such as mechanical, electrical, biomedical, chemical, and civil engineering.
  • Horticulture


    The science and art of growing plants, particularly ornamental plants, those valued for their appearance.
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

    Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

    Train in drafting and design, manufacturing, electronics and general engineering, and industrial technology.
  • Mathematics


    Emphasize problem solving and the effective uses of technology in mathematical problem solving.
  • Physics


    Physics is the study of all physical phenomena and utilizes skills such as mathematics, analysis, software, and clear communications.